Friday Fitness

Results for 10/26/2012 – 11/1/2012

Amount Lost:

1 pound!

Woohoo! FINALLY headed in the right direction!!

Amount Remaining to Lose:

124 lbs

Food Goals:

  • Make and take lunch all week
Absolutely, 100% totally did this! It felt great doing it too!
  • Continue to eat veggies and fruit as snacks instead of junk food
Another check mark! I think the structure of working makes it easier to stick to healthier meals and snacks.
  • Create a healthy menu of dinners for the week ahead
Seamus and I worked on this together before we went grocery shopping. All meals are planned and bought for.

Fitness Goals:

  • Stick to workout schedule outlined above
Um…so…I did really great with all of my food goals, not so much with my fitness. I did not stick to my schedule.
  • Move at least 10 minutes on 5 days, even if I only burn a few calories, moving is better than sitting on the couch
I did this on 3 out of the 5 days. I didn’t do anything high intensity and I didn’t count calories for it but I moved & stretched.

I did complete this and it felt really good to spew (that’s a sexy word) everything out onto paper. This way I have it to look at. It wasreally motivating, now I just need to put it into practice.

Goals for 11/2/2012 – 11/8/2012:

Food Goals:

  • TRACK! Track Track and Track some more! I did a really great job of it this week, I want to continue on into next week.
I’m using My Fitness Pal, leave me a comment if you’d like to add me as a friend on their…I’ll happily share my username.
  • Keep on packin’ that lunch. I’m alright with going out to lunch one time, on Friday.
  • Make healthy and mindful choices.
Fitness Goals:
  • Since I purchased a yoga mat yesterday (and it should be arriving Monday), resume practicing of yoga. Yay!
  • Continue to try to get at least 10 minutes of movement in 5 out of the 7 days.
  • Stick to my workout schedule. I’m only asking for 3 days for 30 minutes a day, this go around. I can do it!
Here’s to a fantastic outlook and a great week ahead!!
Any goals you’d like to share?


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