Dear Emmett,

4 months!

4 whole months have past since we were in the hospital awaiting your arrival and you know what? I can’t imagine a minute of my life without you.

We’ve pretty much adjusted to you being in day care and me going to work. I still miss you during the day, especially when I look at your adorable pictures but I remind myself that going to work and feeling productive are healthy for me and down the road will teach you that you can have the best of everything.

In the beginning, I wasn’t a huge fan of your day care teacher but that’s changed. I’ve gotten to know her and understand her tone better and now when I drop you off in the mornings, I enjoy seeing her and chatting for a few moments before I dash out the door to get to work. You seem to really enjoy it there with her too! I don’t see you during the day but when I drop you off and pick you up you are always happy and rarely fussy. Plus your teachers write in  your notebook that you are the happiest baby some days. This makes me ecstatic because I’d hate to hear that you’re unhappy the majority of the time, it would make working and being away from you that much harder.

Other than weekends, I think my favorite day of the week is Tuesday. Your Aunt Bridget watches you on that day and I love knowing you’re getting direct one on one attention. She sends me all sorts of pictures throughout the day and you can tell how well she cares for you. I know they do a good job at day care but you’re still one of four babies, with Aunt Bridget, you’re the only one.

Aunt Bridget and Emmett Reading

You rolled over from belly to back, for the first time this month! You had been working towards it for awhile, so we were anxious to see it. Your dad or I would lay you on your tummy and sit next to you, cheering you on, holding toys just out of your reach to encourage you to make that long awaited roll. Then one day, you were laying there and BOOM you were over. I’ll tell you a secret, I cried. I was so so proud of you, that I just couldn’t hold back the emotion. I realize that it might seem like the simplest thing but you worked really hard and I knew how proud you were of yourself too. I picked you up almost immediately and covered you in smooches and hugs. I’m sure you had no idea what was going on but who knows, maybe you did, and I wanted you to know that I was your biggest supporter!

You don’t roll from belly to back a lot. I think you realize that you don’t have a real purpose for this right now because you tend to be pretty content laying on your belly inching forward little by little. But the new big thing you’re working on is rolling from back to belly and man are you working even harder on this! Right now you get about half way over and then get stuck on your little shoulder. Believe it or not that cute little shoulder gets in the way more than you realize (in this case). I can’t wait to see you get all the way over, I’m sure I’ll be just as proud as I was when you went belly to back, don’t you worry!

You have become so incredibly vocal this month. You like to sit on my lap after nursing and chat. We have a pretty full conversation, neither of us know what the other is saying (yet) but we do talk back and forth. I like to envision the moment when you say your first real word and all this fun baby talk leads to its ultimate purpose.

Lately you also get so excited that you don’t bother talking, you screech or yell at the very top of your lungs. We’ll lay you down on your play mat or on your changing table and you’ll start gurgling and kicking your legs and then all of a sudden you’re beyond excited and screaming. It gets loud but it is so darn adorable and it makes me laugh. There have been a few times where you’ve screamed so loudly, that you made me laugh until I cried because it was just the silliest thing. I love seeing you so happy and excited!

Along the lines of you being noisy, when it’s time to eat you don’t really cry for it anymore (unless you’re RRRREALLY hungry) now you YELL! It’s like you’re demanding your breakfast/lunch/dinner be served to you immediately. It’s hilarious to witness but if I thought you were really trying to be bossy, we’d have a talk. 😉

We typically go grocery shopping on Wednesday nights and you aren’t always the most content guy while we do it. Not that I blame you, you’re sitting in your car seat for over an hour, I’m sure that’s not the most exciting. But one Wednesday night you were in a particularly silly mood and I was making silly noises and faces at you. After a couple of goofy faces and noises you gave your dad and I your first belly laugh. Baby laughs are awesome but your own son’s is a million times better. I made you laugh a couple more times and guess what? Yep, I cried again. What? I can’t help it!! I’m blown away by every little thing you do. You haven’t laughed like that since but maybe you have a tough sense of humor and we just haven’t figured out how to crack it yet.

Taking baths has become one of your favorite things to do. We set you in the bathtub and you’re perfectly content for entire time you’re in there. We used to get you in and out but now we get you in, wash your body and hair and then we play. You have two rubber duckies and you love reaching for either of them. Plus you like kicking your legs, I don’t think you understand that you’re splashing but you will eventually and then I’m in for it.

You’re still a pretty good sleeper. Most nights you go down between seven and eight and are asleep until five-thirty or six AM but there are some days when you still wake up in the middle of the night. I always get up to feed you and not once have I ever been upset about it, I love every moment I have with you, even if it means I lose some sleep. I can always catch up on sleep, you won’t always be a baby.

Your daddy and I bought you a new toy this month. It’s a Fisher-Price jumperoo/exer-saucer. You’re still getting use to it. What usually happens is when I put you in there for the first few minutes or so you kind of sit there and stare at the different items on it but then once you bump something accidentally and see that it moves or makes noise, you start going to town. Your legs don’t quite reach the floor on the lowest setting so we have a big book underneath and it’s so adorable seeing your little toes bopping around under there. Right now, you haven’t quite figured out how to make it bounce up in down but I can see that it’s coming, it won’t be long now!

Last but not least you had your very first Thanksgiving! We traveled out to your daddy’s parent’s house out in Central New York, it’s quite a drive for a little guy but you handled it pretty well. You slept most of the way out there and on the way home once you had me sitting in the back seat with you, you fell asleep.

You seem to be a sensitive baby, meaning that when you’re around a lot of people or loud noises you get overstimulated and get very upset, very quickly and that’s what happened at Thanksgiving. You got there and were in a pretty great mood but after being passed around and listening to all the loud shouting you got very sad and started to cry. We went into a quieter room and you settled down pretty quickly. For the remainder of the night, only mommy or daddy could hold you for the most part. Your grandma and grandpa got to hold you for a little bit but even that didn’t last long. But that’s perfectly alright, everyone got to look at you and meet you and as you get older, you’ll be able to interact with them more. I’m not going to push you to do something that you’re not completely comfortable doing.

You’ve had a big month little buddy!! We’re headed to your four month doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I am very anxious to see what you weigh and how long you are because you seem ginormous for a fourth month old.

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings!

Love you always,


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