Friday Fitness

Results for 10/5/12 – 10/11/12

Amount Lost:

Nothing. I gained 3.4. Ugh!

I truly ate better this week and still somehow managed to gain.

Amount Remaining to Lose:


Food Goals:

  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home, except for 1 dinner and 1 lunch

I ate pizza last Friday and then had pizza Sunday for dinner. So while it was two dinners, I did pretty well food wise.

  • Get in those vegetables!

Complete! I’ve been making a very mindful effort to start eating more veggies. I had a ton of carrots and beans this week.

  • Snack on fruits/vegetables, not crackers and chips

Not so great. I ate more veggies but still managed to eat plenty of crackers.

Fitness Goals:

  • Get to the gym at least 3 times

Didn’t meet this one and am disappointed with myself.

  • Walk with Emmet at least twice

Also did not complete this one.

  • Work on creating some sort of workout schedule. Even if it has holes and is just a loose idea of what I want, I need something.

This was the simplest of the 3 and I still didn’t do anything with it.

I am so terribly disappointed in myself. I wasn’t even going to post a “Friday Fitness” this week since I was upset about my weigh-in but I need to hold myself accountable. If I don’t want to report out failure then I need to work at success. There is never a reason for me to not eat well and I can’t even think of a valid excuse for not exercising at least 3 times.

My Happy Meathead!!

Goals for 10/12/12-10/18/12

Food Goals:

  • Begin working on eating cleaner. More veggies, more fruit and more whole foods.
  • Find one new healthy recipe for Seamus and I to cook and make it
  • Eat slightly smaller portions of the foods I’m currently eating

Fitness Goals:

  • 3 workouts: walking, swimming, running, strength training – just move AT LEAST 3 times
  • Create that workout schedule for a month out.
  • Get back into practicing yoga – it is empowering and relaxing all at once

Here’s to a fantastic week ahead!

Any goals you’d like to share?

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  1. Jillian416 says:

    Thanks Jen!! YOU are an inspiration to me!

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