First Day Back

It was my first day back to work, it actually wasn’t so bad because I only went into the office for a couple hours. I needed to ensure I could successfully login to everything before I work from home for the next two weeks. I am very fortunate that I can adjust to working again by being at home before going fully back into the office. I have a pretty fantastic boss!

Today went pretty smoothly. I got up and got ready, this was a whole new experience because since I moved in with my now husband I’ve had my own room for clothes and getting dressed, Emmett has since taken that room. Now I need to get ready in our shared bedroom and try not to wake him up. I would have done an okay job had Emmett not decided to wake up right about then, Seamus needed to care for him so I could finish getting ready.

Seamus was lucky enough to not have to work today due to Columbus Day so Emmett stayed home with daddy. This made leaving really easy, I knew Emmett would be well cared for.

I got to work, quickly logged into everything, said hello to a few people and let people know when I would be fully back in the office and headed back home, where I set up shop.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent going through emails. I’ve been out of work since mid July and I had accumulated 1501 emails! Many I can just delete but there are so many that include department and company updates that I need to skim through them and file them away. I got through 500 today, not too shabby!

This was the view from my work area today. I don’t think it can get any better!!

How was everyone was your Monday?

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