Emmett’s Birth Story (Part 6)

His first cry was the sweetest sound I think I’ve ever heard. It was strong and loud and I knew he was here!

I have no idea how Seamus managed to capture this picture at the precise moment that they pulled Emmett out and he began to cry, but he did. I immediately teared up and wished I could just hold him.

As the nurses were walking with Emmett over to his cradle they kept saying he had red hair and asked whether anyone in our families had red hair. I have a cousin with red hair and Seamus’ beard comes in red in certain areas, so we knew that having a red head was possible. I personally was thrilled!

After they had E in his cradle they told Seamus he could go over and take some pictures while they examined him and cleaned him up. I just wanted to get up off the table and join them but I was stuck, being put back together.

The whole time Seamus was over there snapping pics of him, he was crying on and off. I hadn’t even seen him yet and all I wanted to do was hold and comfort him. The bond I felt with him was immediate and so strong, it was pretty unexpected! I figured I’d bond with him quickly but I had no idea that site unseen, it would be that strong.

There came a point where one of the nurses held Emmett up for me to see him but because I was still dealing with an ocular migraine, I had the auras in my eyes and could not see anything beyond the blurry spots in my eyes. It was kind of sad but I knew I’d get to see him soon enough.

The nurses worked quickly to get him all cleaned up so that I could finally meet him.

I am so grateful that Seamus was there to capture this picture. It was my first moment meeting Baby Emmett and even if the memories ever fade, I will always have this picture. It warms my heart and still brings tears to my eyes.

When they have the baby in the OR, they don’t yet give him a bath. They simply wipe him up good, they give them a bath later on typically after the mother has had a chance to hold and breastfeed the baby, if the mom is breastfeeding, which I was.

After I met the baby, they handed him over to dad who was prouder than ever, of his beautiful little boy!

At this point, they took the baby back and put him in his cradle and had Seamus follow him to the nursery. They had a few more tests to do before they would bring him back to us in the recovery room. I was freezing and shivering uncontrollably by now. It had been about 40 minutes since Emmett had been born and I was ready to be unhooked from everything and hold my son. Once they were finished, they had me move from the operating table back to my bed and threw THE warmest blanket on me. It felt like a delicious warm bath. I continued to shiver but once we got back to the recovery room they threw 2 more blankets on me and I quickly warmed up.

While at the nursery with Emmett, Seamus snapped some adorable pics!

As I waited for Seamus to get back and for them to bring Emmett, they gave me some pain meds for the pain from the surgery and also for my migraine which was still acting up. But FINALLY it was time, they brought me my little boy and I was finally going to get to hold him.

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