Dear Emmett,

Holy cow! You’re 3 months old! I can NOT believe that it’s possible, that you’ve been alive in this great big world for 3 months. I cannot believe that my heart has been full of love for you for only three months; it feels like it’s been forever!

You’ve had quite a big important month! When we started out this month you weren’t quite sleeping the night, you were waking up two sometimes three times, but since I was still on maternity leave I didn’t mind. Getting up with you was a treat because it was extra time that I got to sit and cuddle with you. You’re always the cuddliest in the middle of the night or right before bed.

I remember one night in particular where you had woken up 3 times and it wasn’t even 5 am yet. I was so tired and I knew you weren’t hungry and just wanted to be held but you rewarded me that night. While we were rocking and I was looking into your beautiful eyes and I had a peaceful smile on my face, YOU smiled back at ME, your first genuine smile. Not once but twice, you did this! You made me the happiest mommy around and it was at that exact moment that I realized I didn’t mind waking up with you.

You’ve gotten really good at smiles. You give me one every single morning and even after naps! I’d hear you on the monitor and come into your room, lean over your cradle and smile at you and ask for my smile. Almost instantly you’d smile the biggest BRIGHTEST smile that I could ever hope for.  It is such a beautiful thing to see and warms my heart every single time. It’s definitely not something that gets old.

Up until this week you’ve liked sleeping in your cradle. Any time we’d put you in the crib you’d sleep there for a few hours and then wake up and refuse to sleep in it any longer. Your father and I had decided to get you a sleep wedge but then changed our minds, thinking we’d just keep you sleeping in your cradle until you were a bit older. Then lo and behold, this week, we started putting you in your crib to sleep for the night, and you’re fine with it! I’m so glad!

You’ve also become a really good sleeper *knock on wood*. We put you to bed sometime between 7 and 8 and after you’re finally down for good, you’ve been sleeping until 4:30 or 5. There are some days when you’ll wake up at 3 and then again at 6 but for the most part, it’s usually around 5. Daddy and I have been very excited about this because it allows us to get a nice full nights rest.

You have become a very independent little boy! You even let your father and I eat dinner without needing us to hold you. You were just happy and content to lie on your play mat and entertain yourself with the toys dangling above you. We’ve also noticed that you had a slight personality change again, during your 9th week. You’ve become crankier and seem to want to just be “Mr. Independent,” as I like to call you. I’m okay with that, as long as you still like spending some time with your mommy.

Your two month doctor visit fell after your two month birthday. They weighed you and you were up to 13.6 lbs and 23 inches long! You’re my little chunker! Oh Emmett, I just love you so much. You were also given your 2 month shots at this visit and that was highly unpleasant. You were fine with the oral vaccine, which is just some medicine dripped down your throat and with the first actual shot, it wasn’t until you had your second shot that you started to scream.  Daddy picked you up immediately and gave you some hugs to help make you feel better and once the nurse left the room I held and nursed you to help comfort you. You calmed down pretty quickly and got very sleepy, you slept the entire way home and then for a while once we were home, in your car seat. The next couple of days were rough. There was one day that you really scared mommy. I was holding and nursing you and all of a sudden you started freaking out. Screaming and crying and you wouldn’t stop. Eventually I gave you some baby Tylenol and that seemed to calm you down after 20 minutes or so. When your dad got home we called your doctor to see if it was normal for you to still be in pain for a couple days after the shots. It was normal and they said just to keep giving you Tylenol for the next couple of days, we did that and you were fine. Thank goodness!

Oh man! You’re still exploring your hands and working on realizing they belong to you but you have noticed them. The day that you did, was a very funny day. You would just sit on my lap or your dad’s and just stare at your hand like it was going to jump up and bite you. It was really really funny to watch and I have to admit that your father and I were laughing pretty hard but it’s because you’re adorable.

Everything you do requires a grunt! It’s pretty cute and very funny! It makes it seem like everything you do is hard work.

Your monkeys! Oh your monkeys! Your dad was a super smart guy and put up three monkey wall clings right next to your changing table and you just can’t get enough of them. You kick and squeal and get so very excited whenever we lay you down to change your diaper. It is the sweetest sound in the world hearing you coo and squeal in excitement. I took a video of you doing it once and I absolutely love watching it.

You are also much more vocal now. One of mommy’s favorite things to do is to put the boppy around her waist and sit you in it facing her. You will sit there and look into my eyes and just have a regular baby conversation with me. I feel like you’re telling me about your day and I adore hearing about it. I hope you continue to enjoy doing that well into your adulthood.

Your dad and I took you to the pumpkin patch, you didn’t seem all that impressed. You were kind thrown off by the strong wind that was blowing but you did seem to enjoy being outside and slept quite a bit on the way home and when we stopped for lunch.

One of the biggest thing that happened to you while you were two months old was that you went to your first two days of day care. I had been dreading this day for a long time because I enjoyed being home with you all day everyday very much but it was necessary since both mommy and daddy need to work. I survived and so did you! Actually, according to your teachers, you did very well and I’m so glad.

First Day of Day Care

Well Baby Doodah, another month has passed and I just fall more and more in love with you. You and your father make my heart full and my life complete.

Love you always, mommy!

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  1. Katy says:

    I love those smiles. I played the smiley game with my daughter. We would face each other and I would smile and she would smile back, then I would smile, then she would smile back. I could do this for hours! Enjoy this time with your precious baby!

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