That’s what I got last night, well it was really this morning but it was still phenomenal! Emmett went back down around 8 o’clock PM and woke up for the first time around 2:30 and went down pretty quickly. His second wake up was at 6, which works out because I’m usually waking up with the hubby at 6:30, anyhow. After I fed him at 6, he decided he wanted to sleep more and ended up sleeping until just before 9. Normally, I will get up and do stuff around the house while he’s sleeping but I just felt so worn out that I took that opportunity to catch some extra Zzzz’s, and boy were they great!

Breakfast was more of the same…

2 eggs over-hard, I added some goat cheese today.

sour dough toast with earth balance spread



HUGE bottle of water

Yesterday I shared a picture of a little device called the Avo-Saver, seen below.

Well folks, it works, it really really works!

It was only on the Avo-Saver for one day but since I usually can polish off an avocado pretty quickly, I don’t know that it will ever need to be on there for more than one day. I also promised a picture of what it actually looks like without an avocado on it. Here yah go!

Okay, so I’m obsessed with Etsy and I swear you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for (or not looking for) on it. Well, I’m always perusing Etsy looking for ironic onesies for Emmett because Emmet’s dad has an ironic t-shirt collection and I just think it would adorable if E had his own collection to wear.

While searching the other day, I came across this…

I’m pretty sure you can’t get more ironic (or odd) than that so I ordered one. That is actually my own picture because it came in the mail today and I just think it’s hilarious. Emmett won’t be able to wear for a few more months, the smallest size they had for babies was 6 months and he’s only going to be 2 months on Sunday.

I found it at Crawl Space Studios for $18.50. The quality of the onesie is really great and the actual screen print itself is very well done! I was very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be shopping with them again. The best part is that they don’t just do onesies, they do men’s and women’s shirts as well as a few different types of bags. Some of the designs are super fun!!

I’d definitely recommend this shop based on quality of the product, quick shipping and friendly service.

Hey! Christmas is coming, why not get someone an ironic Tee! 🙂

What has been your greatest find on Etsy?

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    I definitely do NOT look forward to blow outs! lol

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