Weekend Update!

What a fantastic family weekend I’ve had! I actually am terribly sad that it is ending, we all had such a nice time being together. I’m still on maternity leave so I don’t yet have to go to work but Seamus will be returning to work tomorrow, so we’ll all have less time together.

Saturday was day of getting up late (thank you Emmett!!) and bumming around. The husband’s cousin is having a baby in November and her baby shower is coming up so we needed to head to Babyies “R” Us to get their gift. That place was nuts!! You’d think since they are a store marketed towards mother’s and babies (obviously) that their aisles would be roomier so that strollers and shopping carts could get through, no such luck though. It was such a struggle maneuvering through there.

We also grabbed some lunch while out at John’s Pizza and Subs. I was really craving a BBQ chicken finger sub and theirs is out of this world!

I decided since the cooler weather is approaching that I needed to pull out my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts and try them on to see what fit. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to put too much money into new clothes since I don’t plan on staying at this size long. Well, I was VERY pleasantly surprised, every single pair of pants and all of my skirts fit me, which tells me I am back to my pre-pregnancy size!!! WOOHOO! I still have plenty of weight to lose in order to get to my goal weight but I’ll take being where I was before baby.

Today (Sunday) was a complete family day! We got up and ate breakfast and then Emmett took a super long nap. It allowed Seamus and I to relax and just do some fun activities like reading (me) and video games (Seamus) that we haven’t been able to do lately while taking care of Baby Doodah. The rest of the day we watched some football and other TV, while just spending time together, it really felt great. This is why I hate Seamus going back to work, I love us all being able to spend time together. Oh well, we need to make a living somehow.

And most importantly, this weekend was some little baby’s 2 month birthday!

He gets older and more adorable every single day. I love his cute little face so much!

We got these great iron-on birth month ties on Etsy, from Month2MonthBabyco. They’re super easy to use and the quality is great! So for each month of Emmett’s birth (in the first year), we will make him a onesie with his monthly tie and take pictures next to the monkey you see in the right side pic. We want to see his progression of growth from month to month. As much as I want him to stay a baby, it will be so wonderful to be able to look back over each picture and compare.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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