Two Month Appointment

Today was Emmett’s two month appointment and I have been anxious about it for about a week. At the two month appointment babies who are being vaccinated get a big chunk of them at this visit, this was the case for Emmett.

I’m pretty good at handling Emmett crying EXCEPT for when he’s in pain. His “pain cry” just cuts right through me. I’ve only heard it once or twice but they’ve stuck with me. Once happened when we were still in the hospital when they were pricking his foot for his blood sugar tests and once when I picked him up and must have lifted him funny, but I know that cry from any other cry.

I kept joking around saying that I was the one who needed to be drugged because I was so stressed about watching him get the shots and screaming out in pain. I was assured by so many that he and I would be fine but I still was worried.

At the two month appointment they also take the baby’s weight, length and do a regular check-up. Emmett is right on average with most things but is above average for weight, he falls into the 78th percentile. He’s a chunker and I’m A-OK with this! He received two shots, DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertusis and Polio/Hib (Haemophilus influenza type b) and one oral vaccine which was for the Rotavirus. He took the oral vaccine like a champ but really, all they do is dump some liquid into the baby’s mouth and get them to swallow it, those are the easy ones. The first shot he had no reaction to, it was in and done so quickly but the second one (I’m not sure which was which because the nurse didn’t specify in which order she was doing them) he SCREAMED and I teared up! Thankfully it was the last shot, Seamus was able to quickly pick him up and give him some love.

On the advice of a few friends, I nursed him before we left the doctor’s appointment. It had the desired effect, he calmed right down and as soon as we were in the car and drove away, he was asleep. Eventually we gave him some baby Tylenol because he started screaming in pain but overall he’s still been in a pretty good mood. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

He’s done quite a bit of dozing this afternoon and evening.









He is a very stretchy and grunty boy!!

What were your reactions when your kids had their two month shots?

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