The Best Part of Waking Up…

You’ve got it right… COFFEE!!

Decaf coffee, but hey, it’s still coffee! To be honest, I’d love a cup of caffeinated coffee because Emmett decided to wake up and want to play at 2:30 am and didn’t go back down until 4 but I’m really trying to stay away from caffeine as much as possible. I really believe it was  making Emmett a cranky butt. I couldn’t give up coffee altogether, I love it too much, so I’ve come to love decaf just as much!

Breakfast was pretty similar to yesterday’s but with some veg/fruit added.

2 over hard eggs

sour dough toast with earth balance spread

1/2 avocado


HUGE bottle of water

Oh! And look at this neat little find hubby got for me at the grocery store.

It’s called Avo Saver and I’m in love! Whenever I’d have an avocado I’d feel obligated to eat the whole thing at one time because I didn’t want it to get brown (and because I love them!) and go to waste but with this I’m hoping I can just eat half and the other half will be just as good tomorrow.

On the plastic half there is a hole large enough for the avocado pit and I’ve heard it’s smart to leave the pits in cut in half avos because it keeps them from turning brown as quickly. Once you place your avocado on there you just strap it in and place it wherever you store your avos. This is my first time using it so I’m not sure how it will work but I’ll be sure to let you know and if I remember I’ll try to take pictures of the actual saver without the avocado in it and a picture of the avocado a day later.

Any fun and new devices in your life?

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