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My Finds Friday – Holidays

Happy Holidays and My Finds Friday!

Hi readers! I’ve had THE best day, I’ve had the day off and spent the morning cuddling, playing and rough housing with Emmett. It was so much fun, and something I wish I could do everyday. I do not hate my job, but being a stay at home mom would be such an amazing thing. Ah well, no use dwelling on that, let’s share what else made this day so great…

We got our Christmas tree! It’s our first real Christmas tree as a family, and actually, it’s Emmett’s first Christmas tree in his home. Last year I was just so worn out from going back to work and being a new mom that I decided not to decorate. This year, I am going all out, nothing gaudy or over the top but our house will feel like Christmas. Heck, it already SMELLS like Christmas, because of this delicious Christmas tree.

my-finds-friday-holidaysMore about our trip to Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure in another post, now it’s time for some great finds for the holidays.

Alright, those are my finds for the week!

Your turn?

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Baby Doodah

My Finds Friday

It’s Friday, which means it’s My Finds Friday time!

Hi! Have you checked out my post from yesterday? There’s pictures of my little turkey, love him!

We have had such an amazing Thanksgiving celebration over the last few days, and it continues tomorrow. Wednesday night, my family came over for pizza after picking my sister and her family up at the at the airport, we hung out for a short while and then they headed to my parent’s house for the next couple of days. Then yesterday, Seamus, Emmett and I headed out to CNY to celebrate with Seamus’ parents, what a wonderful time we had! I can’t wait to share all of the details of our visit with them and our celebration of Thanksgiving at my parent’s house (tomorrow night) next week. I really can’t wait to do so! So many wonderful traditions. :)



And now, My Finds Friday!

I chose to go without a theme this week, since most of my finds are all over the place and don’t really stick to one topic.

Alright, that’s it for this week’s My Finds Friday, be sure to stop on over and share the love.

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My Finds Friday – Positivity

Happy My Finds Friday – Positivity!

Happy Friday, thank goodness we’re here again. :) I say that joking mostly, this week has actually been a really good one, busy, but really great. Yesterday, I was in Waterloo for some leadership training which was really interesting. I’ve taken leadership courses before but something about this one really hit home. It could be that I have more experience as a supervisor now than when I’ve taken courses in the past or it could just be a new level of information, either way I’m glad I went. Waterloo is almost a 2 hour drive from Buffalo and I was making the trip alone. Thankfully I survived! 😉

We don’t have any major plans this weekend, I’m thankful for that. I do have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon, I need to decide whether I should get it cut up short again, or have it trimmed up and allow it to continue to grow. Agh! I can’t decide and I have votes (from friends and family) going both ways. I’m terrible at making decisions! Sunday will be a lazy day, with a little laundry and cleaning added in.

my finds friday positivity

And now, My Finds Friday!

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My Finds Friday – Weekend

My Finds Friday, weekend edition.

Yay, it’s Friday again! I’m so so excited! It has been a really great week, productive and a positive attitude has been around for most of it, but I am so thrilled that the weekend is nearly upon us. That means loads of time with Seamus and Emmett, which is always welcomed. We don’t have any major plans on the agenda for the weekend, but there are a few things that I’d like to get done, namely searching out Christmas decorations.

Last year we didn’t even decorate for Christmas. I was so worn out from having gone back to work and having a 6 month old, plus we had spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at my parent’s house, that I saw no need to decorate. However, this year I am feeling differently! I have to work Christmas Eve, so we we’ll be around the house  that day, plus I’d really like to start some traditions of our own. Emmett is not quite at the age that he’ll remember things, but I want pictures to show him and will tell the story.

Typically when I’ve decorated, it’s just been the tree so I will need to really search out (tasteful) things for the mantle and other areas around the house. I kind of already started when I recently placed an order with Bath & Body Works. I love their soap and every year or so, will place a huge order and just store it and use it as we need it. Since I was placing the order around the holidays, I went ahead and bought festive soaps for both the bathroom and kitchen. They smell so wonderful and are really helping to get the holidays juices flowing.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get to a bunch of different stores and scout out what they have and then buy somethings to decorate. Hopefully, on Monday, when I write my Weekly Wishes, I can share all of the fun things I found while out holiday shopping.

my-finds-friday - weekend

Let’s talk My Finds Friday and the Weekend!

  •  I was SO excited when Emmett got his first toy catalog in the mail in late October, he got one for Toys R Us and also one for Target. He likely doesn’t understand what some things are yet, but he loved looking through it with me, seeing all of the bright colors and he probably recognizes that some of the items in the “book” would be something he’d like. I know everyone knows about these two, but I had to share because of how excited I was when Emmett got them in the mail.
  • I love crafts! I’ve always enjoyed spending my time making something, typically it was always of the jewelry variety (friendship bracelets, earrings, beaded necklaces, etc.) but I am really looking forward to getting into some crafts with Emmett this year. I found a whole Pinterest board, dedicated to easy kid crafts. I’m sure for some of the bigger projects, I’ll be assisting him with everything, but I can’t wait to find some crafts for him!
  • Since this will be the first time ever that I am decorating my entire house for Christmas, I searched out some quick (and especially easy) ways to get your home holiday ready. This article on HGTV is pretty good, just gives you some good guidelines to follow, or a place to start.
  • Lauren from closer to 30 is one of the most amazing blog writers I’ve ever experienced. Her post on how difficult losing or maintaining weight is so well written and I thought it incredibly important to share it with you. Enjoy!
  • One of my favorite blogs of all time, The Nectar Collective, wrote a fantastic post about how she grew her blog. It’s a really smart read and got a lot of wheels turning in my head.

That brings another week of My Finds Friday to an end, want to see previous posts? Click here!

Your turn!

What fun links have you found recently?

Any fun weekend plans on the docket for this weekend?

My Finds Friday – Random

Happy My Finds Friday, Random edition!

I don’t have a theme for this week because everything I want to share is all over the place. Plus, Emmett’s been pretty sick with a fever so there hasn’t been much time for surfing the net (as they say). lol

Over the last week, we’ve been to the Pediatrician twice and each time we leave there not knowing what could be causing Emmett’s fever. They armed us with loads of information on how to control his temperature and what could be the potential causes and some things to look out for, but nothing definite. Today when we went, the doctor looked Emmett over from top to bottom, even looking between his toes for blisters (Hand, Foot and Mouth disease) and saw nothing. The one place she did not look was his bottom. I changed him and didn’t notice anything either, so I can’t really blame her but Seamus was peeking to see if E had a poopy butt and noticed tiny spots, we looked closer and it is almost definitely Roseola. During his bath, I noticed his belly is starting to get the spots now too. Ugh!

How Roseola works is, the child gets a fever for a couple days, then the fever breaks and the rash starts up. I wasn’t really clued into his fever breaking because I kept him on a cycle of Tylenol and Ibuprofen all day to keep his temp down (it was 103.2 when he woke up), so it was always in the normal range. However, at some point, it must have gone away on its own because the rash is most definitely there. Everything I’ve read indicates that it is not an itchy rash, so it shouldn’t effect Emmett too much, other than being spotted, which is a good thing. I’ll just give the doctors a call tomorrow, to find out if they need to see him again, I doubt it since it’s a viral infection, and to find out how long it is contagious so that we know when he can go back to day care. Either way, I’m hoping this doesn’t last long, a sick baby is NO fun!


Now, on to My Finds Friday – Random

  •  Holiday time is coming and everyone loves creating those great pictures for their holiday cards. I found this via Pinterest and I’m in love! Christmas Lights Photo Tutorial – Can’t you just picture Baby Doodah being so adorable lit up with some white lights?
  • Most of us are really busy and even the most healthy of people need some convenience food items to snack on. This post by Fed and Fit, shares some Paleo snack items to help get you through the week.
  • If I happen to find some time, I’d love to make these snowman gift tags for my gifts this season.
  • As I get older, savings becomes more and more important, but it’s seems so hard to save and not feel like you’re broke. This is a great post from Money Saving Mom, about how to save and not feel broke.
  • Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls – Holy smokes these look amazing!

Alright folks, those are my “random” finds for the week!

Your turn!

What random finds have you come across this week?

My Finds Friday – Thankful

Let’s be thankful!

I believe that you should always be thankful for things in your life, but November is an especially good time to look back over your life and share what you are grateful for. I thought this week’s My Finds Friday would be dedicated to being thankful and how to celebrate the thanks you want to give.

thankful projectI am also linking up up with Chasing Happy blog and her Thankful Project. Today’s prompt is to share “A Person” you are thankful for. This is such a difficult prompt for me, I am so fortunate to have some amazing people in my life and there is a reason to be grateful for each one of them.


Since I write so much about Emmett on this blog and you know how much I love him, because I spew it constantly, I’m going to go with Seamus. He has been an amazing person in my life since we met, but especially over the last year as we’ve grown together as parents. We’ve absolutely had our growing pains, but overall, there is so much love between us. He is so good at taking me from a deep, dark mood to one where I am laughing hysterically. He almost always instinctively knows what I need in a situation or even how to diffuse a one, if it should get blown out of proportion. I love him and am thankful nearly everyday that he answered the email I sent him (yes, we met online). I look forward to seeing what our long, exciting life will bring us.

Next up, My Finds Friday – Thankful

  • Some of these steps might seem like common sense, but sometimes we all need a reminder on how we can be more content with what we have and where we are in our lives. wikiHow provides some great ways to be more thankful for things in your life.
  • Every so often we need a reminder on what things in our lives that are good and should be thought of as such. This is a list of 60 Things to be Grateful for in Life.
  • A list of 8 Things You Forgot to be Thankful For. Seriously, check this list out!
  • I’m thankful for the blog, Outfit Posts. The author posts an outfit almost everyday and I have gotten COUNTLESS work outfit ideas from her blog. I love mixing up my outfits and she has helped me do that! Check her out!
  • And finally, I am thankful for recipes like this Stuffed Acorn Squash, from Emily Bites.

Alrighty, that about rounds out My Finds Friday for this week. Be sure to click on over to all the links above and the share any of your finds, using the link below.

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My Finds Friday – Paleo

Happy Friday! Time for My Finds Friday, Paleo edition.

It’s Friday, which means that my vacation is nearly over. I always have such grand plans for my time off, and it always seems to fall short. All I wanted to do was get my house in order and get a bunch of extra blog articles written so that I was ahead and wasn’t constantly waiting till the night of, to write a post. I love this blog and I feel like it deserves more than an hour a night that I’ve been able to dedicate to it. Unfortunately, the extra blog posts didn’t happen, life did, and so I’m in the same spot I was prior to vacation. On top of that, I didn’t do any cleaning, I just had no desire to spend my time away from work, cleaning up my house. It definitely isn’t gross, just cluttered and dusty, it could use a once over with a vacuum and a dust cloth.

So, what have I done? A lot of relaxing, (ie: watching TV, napping, and reading), we celebrated our anniversary, went to the Buffalo Zoo (post coming soon), and just spent time just being. Sometimes that’s all you need to recoup yourself and feel refreshed and ready to take on your normal day to day tasks.


And now, My Finds Friday!

I mentioned above that I did some reading over vacation, I began reading The Paleo Manifesto and it is filled with a lot of good information. Since I am being inspired by this book, I thought I’d focus this week’s My Finds Friday on all things Paleo.

Alrighty, those are my finds for the week. I hope you visit them all and give them some love! Also, if you have some of your own finds, Paleo or otherwise, feel free to link-up below. I love seeing what you come up with!

Your turn!

Have you ever thought about going Paleo?

What are some of your favorite Paleo meals or recipes?

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